Looking for some outdoor gear (apparel) for a trip
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I am planning a biking/hiking and cycling trip in the Fall and I am looking for some suggestions for things to wear (I have all of the other essentials - food, tent, supplies, etc).

I am going on a hiking, biking and running trip for a couple of days in the Fall. I am looking to upgrade my apparel and am seeking some suggestions for things to wear.

I have everything else taken care of - my bike, camping supplies, food, shelter, etc, so I am looking for suggestions for clothing (I already have shorts). And since we will be driving to the destination, we have a truck that is able to carry all of our supplies (camping gear, food, etc), so I will only be going on day trips on my bike or running/hiking.

I have a really good cycling rain coat that I purchased two seasons ago that I use for commuting, so I will be taking that with me. Here's what I am looking for:

- a less heavier rain jacket. Something that could be worn in the wind and rain, but its not my solid go-to heavy duty rain coat. Something that is highly packable would be great.

- some long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt options. I love Merino wool and have some Icebreaker and Smartwool shirts, but am up for other suggestions.

- maybe a vest that would be packable?

- Ideally I would love to have some long pants that I could use mountain bike. I have cycling (and running tights), but I would love a pair of non-downhill mountain bike pants (if something exists).

Here is my issue. I live in Canada. I have been to Mountain Equipment Co-op (mec.ca) and have bought most of my stuff from them over the years - all great. I am just looking for other options for some gear that might be out there that I am not aware of.

Based in Canada, I am going to be buying most of this stuff online (or ebay, if possible), as I have purchased from REI and Backcountry.com before and got pounded on excess customs and shipping fees that made the purchase not worth it/feasible.

And thoughts/suggestions/comments/feedback?

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For lightweight rain gear, try FroggTogs. Inexpensive when you can find them on sale, very lightweight and pack able.
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Ground Effect cycling gear - it's designed for MTB riding and isn't the usual skin tight lycra. It's made really well and lasts forever - a top I bought 5 years ago has been worn and washed hundreds of times and it's still presentable. Shipping costs to Canada would be NZ$18-$24.
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not sure what "non downhill" means, but in winter i use black endura 3/4 hummvee. they're indestructible, comfortable, dry quickly, and pretty warm. they're not exactly elegant and they're sized small (i have a 31" waist and use the medium, and for the hummvee lightweight summer shorts i actually get large, although medium do just fit).

(for the rest, i use lots of layers of synthetic stuff - whatever long and short sleeve "sports" tee-shirts are on offer. for a shower jacket i ended up with a mountain hardware running jacket, which i like but it's not got rear pockets)

edit: ground effect gear is (or at least used to be) good, but is spendy.
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Rapha has some cycling pants that look like pants that normal, non-cycling humans wear. They're pricey but durable. No additional fees to Canada, either.
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you probably don't care, sorry, but some "cycling humans" will smile if you're wearing rapha. it does have a tiny and clearly undeserved and socially reprehensible reputation for being the clothing of choice of dentists. on the other hand, some of their stuff looks really nice.

feel free to flag for deletion; not sure how important this kind of information is to you.
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If you are planning on a mix of adventuring and visiting towns, etc, I'd bring a pair of Bluff Works pants. They pack very well, look professional enough to wear to work, but are also sturdy enough for light outdoor activities (they dry pretty quickly as well). I wouldn't wear them exclusively for a multi-day trip, but I would wear them to hike into town for a few hours.
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Two suggestions:

Look into Ice Bike dot org, specifically Ice Bike clothing. My friend who doesn't drive and puts over 5,000 miles a year on his bicycle year round, swears by it.

Similarly, Ice Cyclist dot com.

Also, remember that if you're comfortably warm enough starting out, you're overdressed.
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