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What's this goose-like bird I saw in Oakland, CA this evening?

I was walking around the eastern side of Lake Merritt this evening and saw this goose-like bird on its own in the water. It seemed a little confused -- it kept turning around and going back and forth along the same edge of the lake, occasionally honking.

The body looks a lot like a Canada goose, but the head looks nothing like one. Someone nearby said it was an Egyptian goose, but it doesn't look like the photos I've seen online.

Anywhere here's some photos:

Thanks so much!
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Best answer: It's a domestic goose. Pretty common for them to wander off and live free.
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That looks to be a horn-billed goose, possibly interbred with another species.
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Best answer: Chinese Goose (a domestic breed).
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Best answer: Although the resident Lake Merritt flock of around 140 is principally Canada geese (Branta canadensis, have a gander here for more on Lake Merritt's Goose Management Plan) Lake Merritt's a flyway and in the summer the population expands up to 2000 geese. Not only do you see escaped domestic geese (like your Chinese goose or swan goose, Anser cygnoides) you'll get weirdo hybrids of domestic and wild geese, including Canadas.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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Best answer: There used to be an Egyptian goose at Lake Merritt. I'd often see it hanging around the community garden or the little pond in the Japanese garden. That may be why that breed came up in conversation.

I would also say that's an African goose (We used to raise them). The coloration is a little duller than the Chinese, and the bodies are heavier. They have a more pronounced wattle, and the neck is straighter and less graceful. They are very closely related though, so who knows.
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oneirodynia, just looked at the comparison pics and I think you're right.
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