Book resources for someone learning to play the piano again.
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Haven't played piano in over 20 years, although I was good at it at the time. Looking for recommendations of books to help me learn again.

I bought a fancy new digital piano that I've been dying to play so I'm looking for books to help me learn again. I bought this book used and while I like it, it didn't come with an accompanying CD it was supposed to have. I'd prefer to have books that don't require CDs. I also don't mind going back to the basic basics. Looking through the book I have now, I only recall a few bits of knowledge, otherwise everything is foreign to me. Maybe I'd be better suited for a few piano lessons to get me started, but for now, I'm looking for some books. Thanks in advance.
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This book is kind of austere, but it seems to me that anyone who spends about a year working through it would have a very solid basis.
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What about "Teach Yourself to Play Piano" by Willard A. Palmer.
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How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons is supposed to be good for this - I think I saw it recommended here on AskMe a while ago and bought it but haven't got round to using it so can't comment on whether it works!
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