How to adjust my weather station?
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I need a help adjusting an analog weather station.

Ages ago, I was given one of those wall-mounted decorative analog weather stations, like this one (but not exactly. Mines in a big square frame. But the contents are the same).

Somewhere along the line, I lost the instructions on how to re-calibrate the hygrometer. I believe it entails placing a damp rag over an opening in the back and letting it sit there for a certain amount of time. I believe the idea is that this should peg the needle at 100%. If it doesn't, then you adjust the needle. I's not terribly accurate. But, it's good enough for a decorative toy.

So, questions...
• How damp should the rag be? Soaked? Merely damp?
• How long should the rag sit over the opening?
• Or does the station sit on top of the rag?

My Google-Fu has really failed me on this one. I cannot find any instructions for this anywhere.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I would just bring it into a closed bathroom and take a hot shower. By the time you're finished, it should be reading 100% as long as you don't have a strong ventilation system operating. Alternatively, if you live someplace where it gets foggy, take it outside for 15 minutes while it is foggy and that should be 100%. As you say, cheap analog hygrometers are not very accurate anyway. I think either of those methods would probably be more effective than a wet cloth.
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Soaked but not dripping. I presume your hygrometer is doing the usual wet thermometer/dry thermometer trick, so it should have a wet surface touching it, but the surface in question should not be touching free water.
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Sunburnt is describing a psychrometer, but I believe Thorzdad is referring to an inexpensive dial hygrometer. Those are usually either the metal-paper coil type or the hair tension type. With those types, there is no thermometer involved in the humidity measurement, even if the unit also includes a thermometer.
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Response by poster: ...I believe Thorzdad is referring to an inexpensive dial hygrometer
Yes. That's it exactly.
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