How can I find out what professional soccer goalkeepers wear, and why?
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I am interested in finding out the specific details about common trends (and not so common trends) among top professional soccer goalies in their choice of soccer uniform, underwear, tape, padding, etc. The more detailed, and more reasoning behind the choice, the better. Details inside.

A long time ago I played semi-pro soccer as a field player, now after injuries, I am trying to take a shot at goalkeeper on the semi-pro level, and I am curious about what the top goalies do for the small things (which in my mind make a huge difference). I heard Tim Howard tapes his fingers (how does he tape them? why does he tape them? how do they fit into the glove taped? Do any goalies wear long compression pants? 3/4 compression pants? 1/2 compression pants? Which goalies wear 3/4 goalie pants and why do they do that instead of shorts or long pants? What undershirt do they wear, and why? What % of goalies prefer their jersey to have padding? What about padding on the shorts/hips? How often do most professional goalies change gloves? Do they break their gloves in in training first? If so, how many practices will they use them in training for before a game? What technological advances have happened in the past 10 years in regard to goalkeeper uniforms? Which goalies are the first to adopt the new uniform/technological advances?

Anything along these lines, articles, interviews, I don't know where to find it or how to even begin. Thanks.
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I can't answer any of those questions (and I suspect you won't actually find anyone talking about most of those things in articles or interviews), but you might ping one of the soccer journalists on Twitter. Liviu Bird is a freelancer for Sports Illustrated and played keeper at a reasonably high level; he'd be the first person I'd ask.

I can say that (from watching a Spurs game) Hugo Lloris tapes both of his wrists. Didn't see any tape on his fingers though.
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You might also ask Brian Jones; he played professionally both in the US and in Europe and is now a goalkeeping coach.
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Oh, one other person you might ask: Jonathan Wilson. He just came out with The Outsider: A History of the Goalkeeper. Having read it, it doesn't cover any of the things you're interested in, but he might be able to point you in the right direction.
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Personally, I would ask this on a soccer forum of some sort. This seems like a popular one.
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