Mos Eisley Flea Market, of sorts
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Looking for general and specific recommendations for outer space and astronomy themed merchandise, collectible, and other vendors, for a maker / science fair being held in the Los Angeles area. For example, a local comic book/toy shop that has vintage Space 1999 and Star Trek collectibles, a hobby store that specializes in Estes and other rocket sets, or even maybe some random dude looking to sell of his collection of used spacesuits.

The audience for this will range from elementary kids bringing their science fair displays to adults with an industry in space travel.

The best thing I've found so far is this prop shop in North Hollywood that specializes in aeronautics equipment and other gear...

I'm looking for both specific suggestions (names of businesses, sellers, etc) within an hour of two of the LA area, or maybe tips or ideas of types of dealers who may be a fun fit at this sort of event.
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You could take a look at CollectSpace. The Goldbergs have auctioned NASA stuff in the past, but they're not exactly small dealers. Did you contact JPL?
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Response by poster: JPL, NASA, local public museums all covered. Thanks for the tips!
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Maybe shoot Clark Linsey at HobbySpace a notice about the fair, and check out the collecting page.
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Wholesale astronaut ice cream (just a google result here, as I have no experience with them)
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Maybe not a perfect fit, but some of Bathsheba Grossman's Laser Crystals are Astronomy based. Note that (for example) the 3D Star Map crystal is not just some "artist's conception" - it's based on real data.
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Bit of a stretch and they're in Seattle but perhaps the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company would be interested in partnering up or have advice/suggestions. They're associated with a childrens' literacy nonprofit (along the lines of 826 Valencia) called The Bureau of Fearless Ideas.
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