Where to watch the Super Bowl in Utrecht?
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Turns out I'll be in Utrecht on Sunday. Any recommended spot to watch the Super Bowl? It's going to be at midnight Central Europe Time, right? I could go up to Amsterdam, I guess, but that seems a little much.
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Years ago my brother was in Prague during the Superbowl and he got a bunch of friends together and asked a bar owner with satellite TV to stay open late to accommodate them. Could you try something like that? You'd almost certainly need more people than just you to make it worthwhile but there are very likely other people around who would like to watch too. Maybe you could partner with a bar and post a meetup announcement?
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Best answer: Mick O'Connells? Seems like the Utrecht Dominators will be watching it there.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Ms. Next. That looks like just the thing.
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