I (Heart) Rebuses
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I love rebuses! Is there a webpage or book that has tons of them? I've googled, but have come up short.
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Get yourself a six-pack of Mickey's Malt Liquor! There's one under every cap!

(I'm pretty sure I've had some other brews that do this too - maybe Magic Hat?)
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There's a Canadian show called "Crashbox" that uses them in their wonderful series.
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The US TV game show Concentration featured rebuses.
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"Everything's a Puzzle," published in 1953 by Unicorn Books, is a book with delightful old-school rebuses, and available pretty cheaply.
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(I'm pretty sure I've had some other brews that do this too - maybe Magic Hat?)

Lionshead, a light lager from around the Philly area, has these too. That was how we used to gauge drunkness back in college - if you couldn't solve the rebus on the cap, you didnt get to drink the beer.
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"Everything's A Puzzle" is indeed available really cheaply ($0.83 + shipping on Amazon!) as carrienation mentions; it's also available for borrowing at the Internet Archive (free login required).
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Is Scrabble Rebus of any interest?

Searching Amazon's "Humor & Entertainment" category for "rebus" seems to offer plenty of choices, but I can't vouch personally for any of them.
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