What's this arcade game?
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Obscure Video Game Filter: Help me identify this game from my childhood.

Standup arcade game, late 70s, early 80s. You control a character which consists of a large, continuously chomping mouth rolling on two wheels with extendable legs, side-scrolling over a gradually more bumpy landscape. You chomp various things while dodging ceiling obstacles and oncoming baddies. The oncoming baddies can fly right through the legs, only impact with the chomping mouth causes death (or impact with the ceiling or floor). Thank you AskMeFi!
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Snap Jack
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9 minutes. AskMeFi rocks. Thanks deadfather.
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Since erebora´s question has been answered I´ll tag along:
I remember spending quite a few allowances back around 1985 on an arcade game: It had a gangster theme. It was in a first person view and you controlled a gunsight following arrows to find gangsters in the building's windows and shoot them before they shot you. I'm almost positive the title included a year (1929??). I looked in klov.com, but couldn't find it. Anybody played it?
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Empire City 1931
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28 minutes, cosmicbandito? God, you're slow. Go take some lessons from deadfather.

kidding :)
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I had the window open for like 20 minutes with the answer typed in while I was doing something else. I need to fix my priorities....
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Thanks a lot, cosmicbandito! I've been looking for this ever since I found out about MAME, and was beginning to think I imagined the whole damn thing!
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OMG Empire city! I didn't even ask this question but thanks.
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If anyone else is looking to try some awesome, obscure games in MAME, I highly reccomend:
Snaks n' Jackson
and Chicken Shift
Both of these are surreal, simple, and addictive
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