Multimedia & short texts on 'effecting environmental change'
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What are some short, punchy multi-media clips and articles I can share with undergraduates to provoke reflection on how to effect social and environmental change?

I am a graduate student in an environmental program at a big public university. Every two weeks I lead small discussion groups with undergraduates, who also receive individual one-on-one mentoring from me, on the theme of "effecting environmental change." I engage with young students at the very beginning of their careers, in a not-exactly-classroom environment, about how to envision change and a chance for them to think introspectively about themselves and their own role in enacting it in their careers.

I've found that showing short multimedia clips and sharing brief articles to prime a specific theme to be very effective in stirring the pot and getting my students stoked. I thought I'd see what this community might contribute along these lines.

Some themes I've devised have so far have included: identifying leverage points for change; the promise and perils of changing the system from 'within' versus from the 'outside'; tensions between pragmatism and idealism, radicalism and reformism, activist and establishment sensibilities; a bunch of modules on how these dilemmas manifest in choices related to their professional development; what is 'environmentalism' and are we 'environmentalists'?; and how to prioritize limited resources for advocacy given different visions of how best to effect change. There are certainly many more angles to approach the topic other than these, of course.

I'm pretty new to teaching, and I've been given a lot of freedom to interpret this how I want. Beyond what I've said, I'd also be curious about group exercises that folks have, either as an educator or a student, found especially memorable and useful on the topic that might be fun for me to adapt. Other resources that might be good for me to consult, which more seasoned teachers might be willing to share on this topic would also be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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