"What has Luis Suarez done now?!"
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I want to be Vampire Luis Suarez for Halloween. I have the soccer kit, I have the fangs, I have the soccer ball. I just need some good fake blood to put around my mouth - blood that won't stain a polyester soccer shirt.

Complication: I have an actual 2014 World Cup Authentic Replica Uruguay shirt that I'd like to use for the costume, that I'd rather not get stained by the fake blood. The shirt itself is 100% polyester. In a true pinch. I could use the cheap 100% Polyester Chinese Knockoff jersey that I have.

What kind of fake blood could I buy/make that would not stain the shirt? I'd like to go for a 'dried blood' look, as I'd be wearing it all day. Thanks!
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You could paint on some puffy fabric paint (so 80s omg) which would ideally peel off afterwards leaving no trace. Otherwise, maybe something like adhesive thin decal blood splatter? I'm not 100% sure the first option would leave your shirt stainless, though.

Also consider that being out and about on halloween in the authentic jersey, it might get stained or soiled by other people's costume stuff/paint/glitter/beer spills/etc. Prolly you should use the knockoff one.

anyway your costume plan is excellent and you should feel good about it and i salute you
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please tell me you have a renfield chiellini lined up to join you
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Here's what you do:

-Get a sheet of glass or a mirror you can ruin.
-Take a hot glue gun, heat it up, and drip glue messily onto the mirror. Make a bunch of separate drips of different sizes and thick smears. Make way more than you'll actually need.
-Wait until it's dry, then paint it with red acrylic paint, let dry, paint with acrylic gloss (you can get this at any craft store).
-Carefully peel your drips and smears off the mirror and figure out the best arrangement and combo for your face.

Then, to attach it to your face, get some liquid latex (or in a real pinch, eyelash glue) and paint it onto the back of your drips and smears. Wait a few seconds until it gets tacky rather than wet, and stick it on your (shaved, dry) face.

I have never done this specific thing, but I have made hot glue blood drips and stuck lots of things to faces with latex, so I am almost certain this will work well.
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Oh, you could also make blood for your soccer ball by doing the same process on a glass bowl you don't mind ruining, so that it curves.
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OH or you could take that elmer's glue that they use in kindergarten because it's nontoxic and washable and you can eat it and not die and whatever, and then mix it up with a red watercolor based dye, and then dribble it out into blood splatters on a piece of wax paper. Once it dries, you peel it off carefully and then apply to clothing by warming it up a little with a hairdryer or even just holding in your cupped hands and blowing on it.

i am really invested in the success of this costume.
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What about washable tempera paint? On skin it dries to a flaky, chalky consistency - although it may flake off altogether if you rub at it - and it won't stain clothes (although I agree that you might want to wear the knockoff jersey just to be safe). I'd mix red and brown to get at that old dried blood color and just smear it on your face.
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Best answer: Please, please post pictures. Awesome idea.
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Response by poster: Oh yes - I'm in Seattle. FYI. Very, very wet here! BTW, I love the ideas so far! Keep them coming!
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Response by poster: Here's the result!

Nixed the fake blood at the last second, but the fangs are great! Overall, I think it works!
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