Trying to find Native American female author's name
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I went to Ohio University, Athens,during or around the time of 1998/99. We had a female poet come and present her poetry to us as a part of school programming, a special event. Her work was very powerful, she may have recently won at award around that time, I do not think she was a professor anywhere. I am not sure where she was from, but I kinda think Canada. She wrote about her recovery from alcoholism and I think she talked about butterflies, that may have been a title of one of books or books of poetry. She also spoke about medicine women and how she could communicate with animals. Does anyone have any idea about what I am talking about? Thanks
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Not Canadian, but "The Dawn Appears with Butterflies" by Joy Harjo?
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I bet if you called up the OU programming office (or whoever) and asked them, they would be able to help you out. They've got to keep lists of these sorts of things!
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Response by poster: great advice, I will reach out to them. thanks!!
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Definitely sounds like Joy Harjo...

As an academic let me say that 15 year old events are rarely recorded on "lists of things" anyone you might call could easily access. Go back about 5 years and I couldn't tell you exactly who spoke in my department or when.

But this is Harjo. Bank on it. Other than a few red herrings most of your details point to her.
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Another possibility might be Linda Hogan:
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Could it be Lee Maracle? She is an acclaimed and prolific first nations poet, writer, feminist activist who was born in Vancouver.

If not you should still check her out!
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Louise Erdrich?
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Response by poster: ok not Lee.
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Best answer: Alright it is Linda Hogan! I saw Harjos picture and I thought it was her bc of the long dark hair, but I listened to her poetry and that was not the style at all.

Then I pulled up Hogan's work, as soon as I saw the book cover for 'The Book of Medicines' it came back to me! I remember that book- she had it for sale!!
and i read Red which was it! also, this author writes about animals and whales! So excited you have no idea! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay! A close friend did her doctoral dissertation on Linda Hogan--her stuff is amazing!
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