Help identifying writing on a Russian? bark painting
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It is a little painting on bark. Trying to find out more information about it. But I am being stymied by not really knowing Russian characters while trying to google the writing on it. Pics inside. Thanks!
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Best answer: Well, I don't speak Russian, but I know the alphabet a bit.

I think the label says:

Картиа на бересте
Людмила Гулимова
г. Санкт-Петербург

(I think the last part says St. Petersburg, and the middle line is a name.)

Google Translate gives:
Picture of Beres
Lyudmila Gulimova
the St. Petersburg

And based on the label, I think the signature is


(which is the Gulimova name from the label.)

The tricky part is that printed Cyrillic characters often are shaped very differently from the handwritten versions, and both are often different from the italic. If someone who actually speaks Russian comes along, they will be much more helpful than me.
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Best answer: The back label says 'Painting on elm. Lyudmila Gulimova. St Petersburg. ' The front is a signature Gulimova L 2003.
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome. Zero to 100 in under half an hour.
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Minor clarification: берёста [beryosta] is birchbark, not elm.
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(The two dots indicating it's [yo] rather than [e] aren't normally written in Russian—which is a pain in the ass, by the way—but I used them for clarity.)
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Languagehat, you're totally right about it being birch, not elm. My tree-fu is weak.
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