California WIA/WIB re-training question.
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Anyone with experience with re-training approval through WIA, I need some advice. Hope me?

Morning, all –
If anyone who reads this works at California WIA/WIB or has trainee experience with this process, I could sure use your help right about now.

Without making this longer than it needs to be, since April, I have been working toward retraining in a new industry with my local one-stop. In April I cleared the “core” and “intensive” services, took my TABE test and in July submitted my application package for training.

My application was simple and straightforward. I made the app package as easy as possible to review and approve. In the app package I was direct with the choice of specific training I wanted (from the approved provider list) and supported this choice with evidence that it fit WIA's training goals. The tuition for the program I chose was $1750.00 - the least expensive on the approved provider list and way under the maximum training allotment. You'd think my app would fly right through the process.

My caseworker at the one-stop said after my app package is submitted to the county (in July) it should take about two weeks to get a call to sign the paperwork for the training voucher.

Training funds that were originally scheduled for August 1st did not arrive on time. I don’t know when they actually arrived, but my caseworker is saying the funds are in and training approvals are being issued.

As of today, I am nearing the eight week mark from app submission with no word from the county. My caseworker (who I believe is overloaded) is doing her best, but the county is not forthcoming about the obvious delay in funding and issuing the ITA vouchers. While I realize the county does things on a "need to know" basis, (and doesn't owe anyone an update) the delay seems extraordinary, even for them.

I called the County Office directly, only to have my caseworker call me back and ask me not to call the County, but to go through her.

1) WHY is this taking so long? - or - Was my caseworker wrong about the timing?
2) What can I do get more information on where I am in line for the approval process?
3) What is your personal experience with this process?
4) Who should I be speaking to for the best information on my case and it’s progress.

Thanks again to anyone with info, insight or advice.
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