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So I've been using Oh Life to keep a journal for the last two years. The most useful feature is that it emails you a daily prompt, then stores your response online. You can also export all of your entries as a single document at any time. Sadly, the site is going away in October. Are there any other online journal apps that have similar email prompts, and aggregate your entries?

I basically haven't written anything of length since 2005, when I defended my dissertation. With Oh Life I was able to write 65 pages in the last two years. :(
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I started using OhLife 19 days ago and was loving it. So disappointed about this. Is a paper journal an option? I'm considering one of these.
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Best answer: I Done This will provide the daily prompts.
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It has been a while since I used it but I think 750words.com does this and has cute badges for not breaking the "chain" of writing each day. Don't remeber how the export works though
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I've been using OhLife since I first read about it on the blue. It looks like IFTTT might be a solution for getting an email prompt.
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There are tons of web apps that will send you a reminder email.

I'd set one of those up, then forward to a custom Evernote address that aimed at a special journal notebook. Your journal entry will be in the forwarded email.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the responses. What I liked about Oh Life is that my email responses were combined into a single document. I'll work through your solutions and report back with what works the best (for me).
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