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Now that there's a teeny bit of fall briskness in the air, I'm renewing my search for a gym in downtown DC with a hot tub. Google tells me this doesn't exist, but I'm hoping you all can prove Google wrong. Alternately, I'd love to find a non-skeezy other kind of place to use a hot tub now and again.

During the winter, I tend to long for a hot tub to soak in. If I can join a gym with one, it will greatly increase my odds of actually going to that gym. I looked for one last winter when I moved here, to no avail. Google and Yelp kept just showing me hotels with hot tubs.

What I'm looking for

- Ideally a full-service gym with classes, etc. but I will settle for a hotel gym that has memberships for non-guests.
- In or near Chinatown or Capitol Hill (I know myself, and I will not be trekking over to Dupont or wherever to go to the gym).
- Less than $100/month to join.

If I can't find a gym, then I'd love to find another kind of place (that's not sleazy) to soak in a hot tub. Maybe a spa? I know about Spa World but that's a bit far afield since I don't have a car.
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This doesn't exactly meet your requirements, but DC public pools are free for DC residents. The one near the Tenleytown Metro is really clean and nice and has a wonderful large hot tub.
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I haven't used it, but the Results in Capitol Hill says they have hot tubs in the locker rooms. I think their monthly price point is a little higher though. (And the Yelp reviews aren't great.) Sport and Health in Tenleytown has a hot tub in the locker room that saved me after a half marathon, but it's definitely a trek. The Marriott by the Convention Center says they have a pool and a whirlpool-- you could see if they'll do outside guest passes. The Mandarin Oriental has a heated indoor pool but they don't list prices...and given how much their spa packages are, it's probably too much. The Balance Gym at the Fairmont sounds perfect-- it's says it's $84 for the first month for a yearly membership, or a month to month of $89...but it's in Foggy Bottom.
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Results in Cap Hill. 110 or so for an annual membership. Beautiful building too and massive facilities. Recommended.
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Check out the Ys in your area. My local Y has a Jacuzzi in the pool area. It's great!
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Have you looked into hotel gyms? Many gyms provide memberships, but they don't often advertise them. I used to be a member of a Hilton that had pool, sauna, and hot tub access.
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Response by poster: Vida?

Do any of the Vidas downtown have a hot tub? I toured the Chinatown one and they do not.

Thank you for the suggestions so far!
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I believe the YMCA at Rhode Island and 17th has one, though I'm not sure how nice it is.
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