Help me get the most out of my U.S. Open tennis experience!
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For the first time ever, I will be attending a pro tennis tournament... and it's the U.S. Open! I am very excited and eager to make the best of my experience.

I'll be traveling as part of a day trip by bus from south-central PA. Departure is at 7:00 AM and we'll depart the grounds circa 6:00 PM - so, no evening tennis (alas!), but a rather full day nevertheless. I'll have a reserved ticket to Arthur Ashe stadium for third-round matches this Saturday, August 30.

I have seen this recent question, I have read L. Jon Wertheim's 2014 guide for fans, and I've also seen the official US Open guide.

What else should I know before I go to make the most of this visit? I plan to bring sunscreen, an empty collapsible water bottle, my phone, and likely a book; the bag policy looks restrictive, so I am planning to wear cargo shorts (practicality before fashion!); I'll pick up a program and draw sheet; I'll pay the premium for food and drink while on the grounds (any suggestions? I'm not too picky); I'd like to walk around the grounds (will I be able to watch matches on courts other than Arthur Ashe with my Ashe ticket?); etc. I'd love to see a mix of men's and women's, and singles and doubles, matches.

Thanks in advance for any tips!
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Best answer: I asked my friends on facebook (going on Sunday) and they gave the following advice:

- Practice courts can be a good find of great players
- Check out non-main courts
- Bring a sharpie if you're interested in a signature
- If you have an AMEX card you can get some free stuff, like a radio
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Best answer: Take the 7 train from Manhattan or Long Island City, as it goes right to the stadium. Don't try to cab it from wherever your bus stops.

The food at the US Open is great! I especially liked the BBQ joint. They have a partnership with Grey Goose, so their specialty cocktails are killer and not terribly expensive, relatively.

Definitely hang out around the practice courts.

And leave the grounds! Go out and see the Unisphere. And the Queens Museum, if you have time.
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Best answer: Also recommend checking out the practice courts. If there are vendors/exhibits, I like checking out the swag and demoing equipment (but this is at smaller exhibition tournaments, do not know if this is true of the Open), I've gotten good tennis gear deals that way!
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Best answer: All the other matches are accessible so definitely go check em out. If your Arthur Ashe game is boring feel free to skip out and go grab a mixed drink at the hilariously WASPy bar right in front of the stadium (which will get you a souvenir mug so that's nice). Don't eat at the Carnegie Deli there it's not as good as the original. Plenty of other good fast food around. You are correct not to bring a backpack or purse as well--they will confiscate them.
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Best answer: you won't need the book. Your day will be packed running from court to court. Prepare to miss some stuff because there will be too much going on at once to see everything you want.
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