Funny or absurd fictional non-profit organization ideas needed
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I'm writing a ten-minute play to be entered into a competition this fall. Two characters are bemoaning the gulf between the real work world and their former experience serving on a non-profit board. I need the name of the organization to be funny and ridiculous. The only thing I've come up with so far is Urban Mime Farming. Please give me some better ideas!
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The Kale Freedom Foundation of America.
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The Organization, Association, and Federation Cooperative
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Strip Mine Conservancy
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The Roadkill Hospice Advocacy Society

The Animal Voting Rights Defense League

Rick Perry 2016
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Special Snowflake Community Enterprise
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The Society for the Coalition of Bean Platers Anonymous
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Centers for Louise Control
United Appeal for Invisible Friends
Egoists Anonymous
The Society for the Prevention and Cure of Hangnails
Mothers Against Coming to a Complete Stop at 4-Way Intersections, But Then Inching Forward Until Cross Traffic Can't Really Get Past You So You Might As Well Just Drive Through Already, For Crying Out Loud.
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The Special Committee for the Conservation of Special Committees

The International Introvert Initiative (disbanded)

The Coalition for a Better Yesterday
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The Society for Redundancy Society

Vagueness or Something Association

Pants for All

The Consensus Consortium

The Astounding Foundation

Boring Machine Managers of America

Equal Rights Sometime in the Near Future

Non-Famous People of America

Misplaced Apostrophe's Anonymous
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International Mediocrity Foundation
Earworm Sufferers of America
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Society for the Promotion of Community Kitchens (SPOCK) aka "The crockpot crackpots" Cook long and prosper!
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Artisanal Sewerage Council
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The Council of Allied Foundations and their arch-rival, the Alliance of Federated Councils.

The League of Women Gloaters

The March of Nickels*

Colonel Sanders House*

*Provide similar services to the March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House, but for minor illnesses
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A long time ago, I got fed up with always seeing "Company Name" on address forms I was filling out (what company? I was just a student, for Pete's sake), so for a while I started putting in "Utopians For A Better Society". This was over 20 years ago, and to this day I still occasionally see it on junk mail addressed to me. With a little creative variation, the Company Name field might be a good way to see who's selling your address to whom...
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Entropy, Ltd.
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Fame Seekers Anonymous
Codependency Cooperative
Anonymous Anon
Ha'penny Restitution Council
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Association for a Fart-Positive Society
National Society for Man-Dog Love
Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things (thank you, Monty Python)
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I've always liked the variations on Cats Are Sweet Home (just make it out to the initials...) and if you have a character with a short name, you can make an acronym out of their name to suggest that they're skimming funds.
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The Organization Association Cooperative

Bureaucrats Need Love, Too

The Paperwork Partnership

The Flat Moon Society

Bob's Totally Legit Tax-Shelter Non-Profit

Earthworms Are Easy

Protect The Woodlouse
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Planar Topography Society
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Association Managers Association

Young Professionals in Gerontology
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The Association of Redundancy Association

Answers on the Green Foundation
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Maybe something from Umberto Eco's School of Comparative Irrelevance?
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The Humanoid Fund: money for people who resemble human beings.
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halfbuckaroo: "Entropy, Ltd."

Shouldn't that be The Entropy Organization?
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The Involuntary Human Extinction Movement
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The Society for the Prevention of Plate Tectonics
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Society for the Resolution of First World Problems
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Please tell us 1) which one you use and 2) if the ones you're not are free game for other wrters, because some of these are giving me ideas!
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stormyteal, although most of the responses are quite hilarious, I won't be using any names as exactly laid out above (although Utopians for a Better Society fits my storyline the best.) So go ahead and take.
To all who contributed, thanks very much!

And I really dig The League of Women Gloaters!
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