Can anyone identify this... Thing?
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One of the kiddos in my Cousin's class found this: rando nature doodad Data points - she is located in Iowa. She describes it as being squishy and the white bit feels kind of like a hard boiled egg. Any ideas?
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Gall aphids and honeydew, maybe? She would have mentioned if it had also been full of insects right?
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I'm betting some kind of fungus.
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Response by poster: The theory is now old, stanky, rotten lychee...
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Can you cut it in half and show us?

Also lychees are translucent, and the shell doesn't look the same.
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A frozen potato?
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It looks like it could be a really rotten black walnut fruit on which some fungusy scuzz has grown. Location works out but the season doesn't (I think usually they drop in autumn). How big is this thing? If it's lychee-sized that would be about right.
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Is it attached to the stick?
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In the yard of a previous house, I found mushrooms/toadstools growing that looked somewhat like the picture. They popped up as totally black balls; I was advised "DON'T EAT THEM" and to get rid of them lest any animal might ingest them. No one could tell me they were, and I did not open them to see if they had a squishy white interior.
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Cranberry, I favorited you because I swear I have seen a "what is this thing" question either on here or reddit that contained a picture almost identical to this one, and I remember it being a fungus, but all of my searches have thus far proved fruitless. I will keep trying.
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maybe check out earth star fungus? the ones that aren't fully open are close to a match, though i'm not wagering anything on that being The Right Answer.
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Could it be a truffle?
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Oak gall
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