Vocabulearn MP3s: Do I need to buy additional copies?
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I purchased some Vocabulearn Mandarin Chinese MP3s. Unfortunately they didn't come with a transcript.

I would like to hire a Chinese translator to transcribe the vocabulary on the course with correct syllables and tones. They have an extensive vocabulary themselves (15,000+ words) so it's highly unlikely they'll learn anything from listening to the 1000 words on the course.

Is it fair use of copyright to send them the MP3s from my hard drive without purchasing additional copies via Amazon? Unfortunately the company who produced Vocabulearn (I think they were called Penton Overseas), have gone out of business, so I can't ask them for a transcript.

If I can just copy the files from my own hard drive it should save me about $20 for buying the whole series. I don't want to accidentally infringe copyright, but at the same time it seems silly to buy additional copies to give them to someone who is already fluent in Chinese.

Thanks for any advice re: the above.
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As an occasional textbook writer, I appreciate the concern about copyright. But, I don't think that's the problem here. Just mp3s like this would be of limited use for language learning without a vocabulary list or transcript (as you seem to have discovered). Entries for Vocabulearn Mandarin Chinese at two public libraries show booklets 46 or 52 pages long. I'm guessing that's the list. If you didn't receive that booklet, check who the seller was on Amazon. Are they legit? Or, is that booklet something else?
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