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What's the best way to buy a lot of six-sided alphabet letter dice? Distribution would ideally be similar to what's found in a Boggle game. I'm not picky about colors or inclusion/exclusion of certain characters.
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I'd actually just look on an auction site or in thrift shops for old Boggle games. Depending on my specifications I might just go to a hobby craft store and get blank cubes and mark them myself.

For tile versions of letters I'd pick up a Bananagrams kit.
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I agree with tilde. If you want a Boggle-like distribution, get a copy of Boggle and break it open.

If that's not viable, there are other solutions:

A search for "alphabet dice" on Amazon finds Campbell's Alphabet Game

Sites for teachers may have similar items, such as Crossword Dice.
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No idea what "a lot" means to you, but if you're doing something truly big (like building multiple sets of a homemade game for sale, for instance) you can go the Alibaba route. Minimum order on this particular deal is 30,000 pieces.

Also, I know you're looking for 6-sided, but just FYI, this is a thing that exists.
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Pricing is all about quantity, but for some quantities the best deal might to buy blank dice and sticker them with letters yourself.
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