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How can someone *listen* to World Cup matches, in the USA, either through a computer or a smartphone? I know something similar has been asked recently, but that was about watching: How do we watch the World Cup? And by listening to the matches, I mean *all* of the matches. So, hook me up with Iran vs. Nigeria!

I have a job where I have the capacity, and my boss' blessing, to listen to the computer or my phone all day at work. However, streaming video on the computer won't work for two reasons: What I do is extremely detail oriented, and I miss something while I watch Diego Forlan score another gorgeous goal, and I don't want to clog up the work wireless to where I can't do my job and cause network issues. (This actually happened 4 years ago.) I also don't have Admin Rights on my work computer, so I can't install anything software-wise.

I have a smart phone, and the willingness to pony up the extra $$ to get unlimited data for the duration of the Cup. Where can I listen to all the World Cup matches on my phone? I'm in the USA, and already have the ESPN Radio app installed, where in theory they'll have all the matches streamed. Where else can I listen to English language streams of the WC matches? I don't care what country it comes from, as long as it's consistent and will broadcast all the matches. Thanks!
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already have the ESPN Radio app installed

There's your answer. Schedule
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Well, huh. The answer was right in front of me. I am certainly not Sherlock here.

But any others, I'd love to hear them, as a backup. Thank you, acidic!
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Yes - ESPN will do!

I wanted to wait until the actual World Cop started before marking this as Best Answer, just in case some weirdness crept in. But no! Bring on Brazil - Croatia!
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I am very interested in this question as well.

I live in Canada and want to listen to the World Cup coverage on my iPhone (on Thursday, June 12 - Day 1), I was able to listen to the Brazil game on ESPN Radio. However, the next day (Friday, June 13th), I am no longer able to listen as the stream is not supported!

So frustrated. Does anyone have any alternatives??
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