Do any bloggers collate ebay art? Or, how can I find artwork on eBay?
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I occasionally find what seems to me to be very interesting cheap-ish (<$500) artwork on eBay. But finding it is incredibly labor-intensive. Due to the nature of the site you have to search carefully to exclude some things but not too many listings particularly at the lower pricepoints. Are there any bloggers that post round-ups of the best art that they've seen posted on a given week? Or any paid services that do the same kind of thing? I'm flexible stylistically but like older pieces, particularly pre-20th century oils with interesting subjects (boats, animals people) or large canvas sizes or textures.

I know buying art on eBay is a total crapshoot. I'm not buying to invest, I'm buying for things that will delight me on my walls. I'm also interested in modern work being done by living artists...but I've found that category on eBay utterly overwhelming so have restricted my searches to older pieces.

Any suggestions that work for you in finding interesting artwork on eBay? Or bloggers/services that post interesting things they find? (I realize "interesting" differs depending on the viewpoint, I'm always curious what others find interesting and compelling in art).
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