Moving away- need a gift for my son's coaches of 6 years.
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My son is a competitive gymnast and has had the same coaches for 6 years. We love them and want to get them something memorable but not cheesy.

We can't do a scrapbook because we don't have enough picture that would be worth putting in. I think a framed photo collage is too presumptuous that we expect them to had it somewhere in their house. It doesn't have to include a picture but I just can't figure out what to do.
One is male, the other is female. They are both young. I considered a nice piece of gymnastics-oriented jewelry for her but not sure what I could get him.
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My husband is a teacher and the thing he appreciates more than any coffee mug, candle or bundt cake (apparently, they're the new cupcake) is a heartfelt, hand-written note from a student. Especially the ones where it's clear that a parent didn't help; those with misspellings and their own sentiments are adorable and what he brings home to show me.

A note, a small framed photo and a gift card? (If they're young they will probably appreciate it.)
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Could you just do a very short scrapbook/photo book? It sounds like you have some pictures (3? 5? 10?) that you want to include, and maybe you could alternate those pictures with handwritten notes about specific good memories? Then they would not need to display it but it could be a bit more permanent than a thank you card.
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I have coached athletes for some time. More often than not I just want to know that my charges have done well and are going on to bigger and better things.

It's always nice to have a token, a recognition of the relationship you've had with a young athlete for a long time but you know what's even better? I card 6 months or a year later. An update, a photo commemorating something you _were not_ there to share. A token recognizing a future success that, maybe, you had a hand in laying groundwork for.
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If your son was running track, you could make it a nice stopwatch or whistle, that sort of thing. A commemorative item that's also a tool of the trade.

As I'm basically completely unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of coaching or training in gymnastics, and realizing it's probably difficult to monogram a pommel horse (hmm, red-hot iron brand...?), I will leave to you the detail of what that item should be.

And yes, by all means, stay in touch. Stay in their memories, and keep them in yours.
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Sports water bottle? You can get a photo put on them (the whole team would be nicer than just your kid) or the gym's logo or if your kid knows their coach's favourite gymnast, that might be nice and more practical for a coach than a mug.
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My brother used to be a competitive gymnast and now coaches part-time. From him:

Honestly a nice note and some kind of snack or dessert or something is probably best, that's what the coaches at my gym have gotten, they have going away parties when they leave and most of the time, competitive gymnastics coaches are gonna appreciate knowing they did something worthwhile more than anything else. There's not much anyone can get them that will be worthwhile, so a note about how awesome they are is best probably. That's what I'd want. Maybe a gift card too, that's about all to be done
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I have been a volunteer ski coach in my spare time for about 8 years now. The things I treasured the most were notes from my athletes and their parents telling me about how much I meant to them. They still hang out on my fridge, 8 years and counting. Makes me really happy every time I look at them. Also, gift cards are also a big bit for the coaches I work with. My hubby and I are super broke at the moment and just came back from a date at a coffee shop using a gift card from one of my athletes from this year. Loved it!
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I send hand written notes to the principals office at the end of the year singing the praises of good teachers. I don't know what the gymnastics equivalent of a principal is, but I suggest doing the same. My daughter's teacher hugged me at the beginning of the next school year, I think she appreciated it.
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if you only have a few pictures, invent the scrapcard! make a scrapbook that's only a few pages so it can lay flat like a card. Easy to keep if they want to, not so precious that they feel guilty if they are not the sort of person who keeps cards.
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