Help me find a short story? SciFi simulated universe, subjects escape
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I read a short story a few years ago about scientists simulating a whole world in a computer and watching history unfold. The scientists appear in the world like gods to shape it. But then the virtual test subjects figure out a way to interact with the world outside the computer and then ultimately escape by teleporting the whole computer facility through a wormhole. What story is this?

I looked through everything on this wiki: but did not see one that looked like the story I'm thinking of. I think this appeared in a year's best science fiction collection somewhere between 1996 and 2003.
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The Next Logical Step by Ben Bova?
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Best answer: Can't recall the title, but I'm pretty sure Greg Egan wrote it.

Edit: Crystal Nights
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A very nice variation on this theme is, Vernor Vinge, "The Cookie Monster."
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It seems that hjo3 has it, but FWIW there's an extremely similar plotline in Egan's Permutation City.
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You may be thinking of Microcosmic God.

It appears in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, 1929–1964
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I recall something like this on Escape Pod a few years back. It involved shutting the system down slowly and "humanely" by turning off stuff like hunger. If that rings a bell and it's not one of these others, I'll see if I can find it later today.
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You may be thinking of Microcosmic God.

My thought as well, except for that "ultimate escape by teleporting ... through a wormhole" ending.
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Response by poster: Thanks, hjo3! That's exactly the one. Also some good ideas from the rest of you.
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