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I want to get a rack for surfboards for my 2012 Subaru Impreza Sedan (not the hatchback). I will need some aftermarket racks and there is no Subaru install for this model. I've seen offers from Rhino, Thule and a few others. Which one do you recommend? How hard is it to install?
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I just got a Thule setup for my ford fiesta and love it. We originally tried a sport rack universal setup, but it fit poorly on our car and returned it. The really nice part about the Thule feet (clamps) is that they are customized for each car and actually fit. It was super easy to put together and a way better design than other ones I've tried. Only downside is the price, it's was $525 for everything.
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Are you wedded to a permanent rack, or do you just need something to toss on the car when you're headed to the beach? I have a Block Wrap Rack, it's simple to put on, holds several boards, can be tossed in the trunk when not in use, and it's cheap!
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I had a Yakima rack on my old CRX (RIP). The feet were custom to that vehicle (or at least, were specified for the vehicle), and I drove many miles with pipe, strut, bikes, boards, ladders, and anything else you can think of. (I used the CRX as a 35MPG work truck.)

Granted I'm a mechanical engineer and at the time I had four bags of tools in the car, but I installed the rack upon the car in the parking lot of the outdoor shop I bought it from. It took less than an hour--my beer was still cold, and it was a hot day.
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You can't go wrong with Thule or Yakima. I like the Thule Aeroblade system more than Yakima round bars, but whatever, they both work great.
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