What are the lyrics saying (roughly) in this Japanese ad about a tomato?
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I'm wondering what this singing tomato-man is saying. Can anyone explain? Thanks!
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Best answer: Roughly...

プチトマトをそだててみよう Let's raise cherry tomatoes
おひさまとペットボトルとおみずだけ All you need are the sun, a PET bottle and water

僕はトマト I'm a tomato
君がくれた真っ赤な愛で With the bright red love that you gave me
あっと言う間に育ったよ I grew in the blink of an eye

トマトコミュニケーション Tomato communication
それは僕たち世界のみんなが一つに That's what brings us, the people in the world, together as one
そう、君の近くから Yeah, starting close to you

Thanks a lot for the earworm...
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rough translation on a cursory listening:

1-2-3 little tomato
let's try growing
only three things

when it gets red it's ready
it'll change the energy in you

little tomato - let's try growing
I'm the tomato you got
when it's red it's ready

then the marching stuff is like:
tomato communication
for us everyone in the world is the same
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oh, and the subtitles appear out of sync with the music.
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