finding DVD of ESPN2 broadcasts/coverage of old (1997) events?
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I'm trying to get all the 1997 Formula Star Mazda's races which were covered on ESPN2. My brother had started a race team that year. While his driver, Tony Buffomante, was winning pretty much every race, he (my brother) suffered a traumatic brain injury and had a many months recovery. Someone made him a DVD of all the coverage which he has now lost. I understand (and he does) that it was his fault for not backing it up apparently, but he's looking for help getting a new one even if ESPN or whomever charges a lot for it. I have no idea where to look.... Thank you! -William
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Check your mefi mail.
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Response by poster: Hi Brockles - thank you for the answer a month ago - should've said that earlier. I haven't marked as 'resolved' yet but I have started the process of trying to contact Michelle Kish or someone else at the soon as I hear something from one of them, I'll mark it.

Thank you,
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Response by poster: Thank you Brockles. Star Mazda was able to come through - they have been super helpful and I wouldn't have really known how to proceed without your suggestion.
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Glad you got it sorted. They're good people.
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