Where to find long sleeve swimwear?
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I'm looking for a women's long-sleeve swimsuit, preferably with UV protection. Any recommendations?

Skin cancer filter:
I am looking for a long sleeve swimtop or swimsuit that includes a built-in bra preferably in some kind of UV protective fabric; I see rash guards everywhere but that isn't really what I'm looking for, I don't want to have to wear a swim suit beneath.
A wetsuit is more heavy duty than I need for ordinary swimming or sailing.
Am I just looking in the wrong places, this seems harder to find than you'd think.
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Have you searched for "modest swimwear"?
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Maybe this older ask.me will be of help?
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Actually, "modest swimwear uv" might be more helpful.
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I have a friend with one of these and she loves it. It's three pieces so the headscarf is optional.
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Coolibar has a lot of long-sleeve swim shirts with UPF ratings.
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I have a photosensitivity disorder and I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about this stuff.

There's some particular fabrics made which protect you from UV (and there's also a wash-in for cotton fabrics). For your particular situation, why not try Solumbra or Coolibar?
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Try Athleta or at a surf shop.
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The built-in bra is the hard part.

Looking at Coolibar (linked by adipocere above), if you found a tankini with a good built-in bra, you could pair it with the sleeved portion of this convertible swim shirt.

That would then free you up to find a tankini with a built-bra, which is a little easier to find.

If you're well-endowed I recommend Figleaves or Bare Necessities for finding swim tops with bra sizing.
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Mod note: three people have now mentioned rashguards from Lands End, the OP specifically said she didn't want rashguards
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How structural does the built in shelf need to be?
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the suggestions. I am not surfing or anything super athletic so just minor support is good. the girls4sports link looks like what I had in mind so thank you! Hope microscope is lightweight, willing to give it a try. It didn't occur to me to try to wear a regular bra under the rash guard... Will also give that a try sometime.
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You can get sports-bra style bikini tops, which would be great under a rashie. I think this would fit better and be more comfortable, you want a really snug fit for your bra layer and it's difficult to get that AND a good fit for your torso and arms in something off the shelf. Also, then you can switch out of the wet rashie and in to something drier and more comfortable when you're on the shore.
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