treadmill incline shoe suggestions?
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In search of (women’s) shoe recommendations for hiking up the treadmill, with a maxed out incline?

In lieu of running after back-to-back injuries, I’ve replaced some of my cardio with doing incline walking intervals on the treadmill. I’ve been using my Brooks Ghost 6’s that I used for running, but wondering if there’s something that I should be looking for that’s better for this activity?

My Brooks Ghost’s have been fine, but sometimes I feel like I’m sliding back in them. I maybe need something with a greater “grip?” There seems to be very little out there on the internet, in terms of what to look for in a treadmill shoe at high inclines. My intervals are usually 5-minutes long, set between a level of 8-15 for 35-65 minutes, but I switch it up as my legs and core get stronger..

What exactly should I be looking for in a new shoe for this kind of exercise?
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What exactly should I be looking for in a new shoe for this kind of exercise?

It seems to me that you need a good pair of hiking boots.
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I don't think a boot is necessary; they provide ankle stability on uneven ground, so kind of overkill. I'd go with a hiking shoe or a trail running shoe.
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I don't know that a trail shoe is what you want - a sole that provides good grip on dirt is not necessarily going to provide good grip on a rubbery treadmill belt. I wonder if a nonslip work shoe might actually be better (if it's comfortable for you).

Is it your own treadmill or at a gym? If it's your own I have heard of people scrubbing the belt with steel wool or a wire brush to roughen it up. If it's the gym's you could ask them if there's anything they can do to it, maintenance-wise.
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I walk with the treadmill cranked as steep as it can go, on a physical therapist's advice, and I do it in my normal sneakers, which are Vivo Barefoot Trails. I've never slipped in them.
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