LA Filter: Are there picnic tables at Placerita Canyon? If not, where?
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LA Filter: Picnic Tables near Nature? 14 Corridor maybe. I'd like to spend a chunk of Saturday or Sunday at a picnic table near nature. Somewhere within about an hour or so of West LA would be ideal. I'm thinking somewhere along the 14 corridor near Santa Clarita or Aqua Dulce. Also, somewhere with a largish natural area where I could do a short hike would be nice. I was kind of thinking maybe Placerita Canyon, but I don't know if there are any picnic tables there. Vasquez Rocks is fun but I don't recall any shady picnick table area. Bonus points for (a) very few or no kids running around screaming, (b) sunny with shade, (c) wildflowers currently blooming. I definitely need a picnic table becuase of what I want to do while I'm hanging out with Nature.
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There's at least one visible in Google Maps Street View here. It's right along a whole network of trails, and it's not really a "take the kids to run and scream" location. And it's in the shade. I don't know what the wildflower situation is right now, though.
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Closer to home:

Temescal Canyon Park in The Palisades. More info and pictures on yelp.

Will Rogers has picnic tables, but might be busier than other parks on the weekend, especially if polo or other events are going on. Plenty of room to spread out, however, but I'm not sure how far from the picnic tables you want to wander.

Rustic Canyon used to have picnic tables, but I'm not sure if they still do. It would be the place I'd expect the most kids.
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Lacy Park, San Marino.
Descanco Gardens, La CaƱada.
LA County Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Arcadia.
Eaton Canyon Nature Center, Altadena.
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A couple of locales in the Santa Monica mountains:

Zuma Canyon trailhead. There's a group of picnic tables under a large stand of oak trees, off away from the trailhead and parking lot, near the (exceptionally clean) Porta-Potties. Very pretty hiking trails right there. In hundreds of visits there, I've seen kids maybe twice, and nowhere near the tables. If you are unable to find directions, Memail me and I can vector you in (it's a little confusing).

Paramount Ranch (off Mulholland, near Las Virgenes): enjoy the ambiance of an ersatz Wild West town (stage set). Picnic tables in various locations under oak trees and out in the full sun. Top notch restrooms. Lazy hiking trails nearby. Screaming kid factor: I've been swarmed once by them, but was able to evade them by going to the Super Top Secret picnic table tucked away off-trail.

And in the other direction: Angeles National Forest: too many options to pick just one. But in general, the further up you go, the fewer people you will be sharing space with. It gets really rugged and pretty in the upper reaches, neat trails, picnic/camping areas.
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Thanks everybody! All really good options. All getting favorites.
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The Placerita Canyon Nature Center definitely has picnic tables.

And there will be some kids there. Not sure how much screaming though.
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I just got back from Tapia Park. It's just west/part of Malibu Creek Park. It had picnic tables everywhere! And under thick groupings of amazing oaks, too. I was there, today, Tuesday, at 11:30 a.m., and was the only person there. It could be perfect.
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