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I enjoy the Rationally Speaking podcast. Are there any similar podcasts, not necessarily featuring "special guests," which feature discussions on philosophy, science, and ethics?
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Hmm, my first thought was Philosophy Talk but it looks like they charge for the podcast feed. I listen via streaming radio- you can listen with the NPR app on Thursday nights at 8PM PT on station KOPB from Portland. There are many other listening times available here
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Inquiring Minds is pretty good.
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I can't recommend the podcast as whole for your requirement of philosophy, science and ethics but Econtalk had a segment Jonathan Haidt on the Righteous Mind that you might enjoy (though they both posture quite a bit - Haidt as the 'reformed liberal' who now sees the conservative light and the host Roberts can never leave his economic libertarianism out of a conversation on anything). There might be others topics of interest in there as well. The interviews are generally well done and the intrusion of host bias is more amusing than annoying as many guests just route around it like grandpa farting at thanksgiving dinner.
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The online radio station for which I am the tech director broadcasts 2 program that may be of interest. Big Picture Science and Interfaith Voices. The former may be of more interest to you than the latter. If you click on the link to the MeFi Projects I posted you will see that the latter was suggested to us via a MeFite.
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I like In Our Time. They have an enormous archive, including many programs on philosophy and the sciences.

Also worth a look:
+ Philosophy Bites (15 minute minatures on philosophy, very clear)
+ Elucidations (Rather dry - but they have excellent guests)
+ New Books in Philosophy (Again, rather dry but with excellent guests)
+ New Books in Big Ideas (Top notch!)
+ The Moral Maze (Lots of fighting, often rather shallow, but quite fun)
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The Partially Examined Life is pretty good, sometimes has guests, most often not.
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