Best resources for a basic understanding of the human brain?
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It's the emotional/moral brain/limbic system I'm ultimately interested in and how it affects behaviour and potentially criminality or a disregard for the rights of others, when 'malfunctioning'. I am reading the anatomy of violence (Adrian Raine) but finding some of it hard work. I'm interested in the anatomy and functioning. Thanks
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McGill's overview is a neat little reference for basic anatomy and function, just for a start.
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(You might want to click on the advanced level of explanation, top left.)
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"The Brain on Trial" was written by a leading neuroscientist for lay readers.
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The Neurological Origins of Individuality by Robert Sapolsky. Or just watch his video series on youtube, same course really.
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Not exactly what you're looking for but Joseph LeDeux is one of the most important and influential researchers on the neurobiology of emotion. The Emotional Brain is both accessible and based on pretty serious science rather than pop psychology.
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Go to a student bookstore and get a introductory neuroanatomy textbook. If you get a used one, it shouldn't set you back too much. This should give you an overview of the terminology, and you can use it as a reference when you run across terms you don't understand.

Since you're not a medical student, you don't need to try to memorize it, just get an overview of neuroanatomy so you can understand what people are talking about. And an introductory text should be reasonably accessible.
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