Need Chinese translation to english
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Can any one tell me what it says at the bottom of this picture in english? I think it is Chinese.
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It says:

The East is Red Textile Factory, Hangzhou, China 9.5x14.6 cm
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Silk textiles, specifically.
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As zjacreman says ...

It's captioned with Lenin's name, and then lists where it was made (and the size in the bottom right corner).

Top line:
列寧 (Lièníng)

Bottom line:
中国杭州东方红絲织厂 (Zhōngguó Hángzhōu dōngfāng hóngsī zhīchǎng)
China, HangZhou East red silk weaving factory
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That bottom lines is better parsed as Zhōngguó Hángzhōu DōngFāngHóng sīzhīhchǎng because, as zjacreman says, the name of the textile factory is "The East Is Red". That was a common name for tractor, textile, shoe, etc factories during the Cultural Revolution period (approx 1966-79). Products like this have retro appeal in today's China so this particular item could either be an original from that era or a recent copy.
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I did a quick search that confirms it was likely made during the Cultural Revolution, and currently goes for 20 to 30RMB (US$3-5) on a site specializing in these kinds of silk weavings. The same site also has a giant 49x72cm version and a set of all your favorite communists.
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Um, this may not be allowed to ask, but: Who is the communist in the lower right corner in the set bradf links to? I don't recognize him.
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bertran - Norman Bethune.
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