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Where on earth can I find a copy of all the seasons of "I shouldn't be alive"? I've torrented it off one site, but there are about 15 episodes missing and it's not clear what seasons they're missing from because the show was bought by another channel at one point and all the episodes got mixed up. I would by it legally if I could but Animal Planet.com, Amazon and eBay don't have anything other than seasons 1-3. I'm in Australia, btw.
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There's an episode list for I Shouldn't Be Alive on Wikipedia... as for the rest, no clue.
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Seasons 1-3 were the good ones and I don't think the later seasons were released on DVD. You probably have all of those. Amazon has seasons 4-6 on streaming for me but I assume that is US-only. Season 4 was ripped by a group called sHoTV so you may be able to find those under the format isba.s04e0x.hdtv.xvid shotv.avi on torrent sites although I think they stopped at episode 10. Season 5 was ripped by a group called CRiMSON. I'm not sure if Season 6 was released by anybody. Looking around at some of the more organized TV sites nobody has the full set for seasons 4-6, so you may have to settle for the incomplete set unless you can get it streaming somewhere (maybe use a proxy to fake your location to the US).
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Deadpixel ripped/capped the last half of season 5 but did it without episode numbers. KNiFESHARP did the 720p versions for same. What I saw available on USENET was basically all of season 5, and all of it was under 1000 days old, so it should be downloadable from any major USENET provider, all of whom offer short trial periods. Since it's older stuff, I would recommend USENET over torrents, because torrents require seeds to do the uploading, while USENET service has them sitting on the server now, ready for download.
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