More Android Games Like The Silent Age
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I really enjoyed playing The Silent Age last night. I'd like to find more games like it, i.e., games that have no time limit, that essentially just let you explore a place until you complete a narrative. I also liked that no particular dexterity was required. What are your favorites?
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Best answer: The Room is fun.
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Best answer: Seconding The Room. The Room 2 was also entertaining (do they have an android edition yet?), but they upped the creepy and the narrative, which I didn't find a particularly appealing addition. (But definitely worth the $5 or whatever it was.)

Fire Maple Games has done several games that are easy, but entertaining. The Secret of Grisly Manor is my favorite, but we've played Lost City and Mosaika also. (Let's just say that they were just right for my 8 year old.)
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The Stanley Parable despite having very basic FPS controls fits this mold. You're playing through a similar scenario multiple times, exploring the environment, and making choices to determine which path you go down. It's a mix of dark humor and light-heartedness.
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Best answer: Note that the asker is requesting Android games.
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Best answer: You might enjoy Broken Sword, a really well done adventure game for android (and ios).
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Response by poster: Thanks for these! Anyone else?
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Best answer: You might be interested in Year Walk and Machinarium.
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Best answer: Sorry, didn't see the android specification hiding in the title. Sword and Sworcery is a game which focuses on exploration, and has generally good reviews.
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Device 6 was my game of the year. It's by the same developer as Year Walk.
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Oops sorry, it's iOS; I was fooled by the fact that I played The Silent Age on that platform.
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Response by poster: Finished The Room last night; it was excellent.
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I recently played Silent Age and Yesterday, which is very similar. Both are great. Yesterday is here:
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Response by poster: I just finished the new episode of the Silent Age, so your timing is perfect.
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