Get a spring assisted knife unstuck?
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I just bought this spring assisted knife on Amazon. Yes, it's cheap. It's meant to be a prop for a play*. I received it today, and I tested the opening mechanism 5 or 6 times, and now it's stuck in the open position. As near as I can tell, by looking at it and doing net research, the lock is a liner lock, and it's stuck on the wrong side of the blade, so I can't press it inwards to clear the blade hinge and allow the knife to close. Anyone know how to get the liner lock back on the correct side of the blade? Returning it for a new knife is pretty much out of the question due to time constraints. *yes, I plan on dulling it down before use
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It looks like the blade pivot is just an allen bolt. Can you not get an allen key and undo it? You could then remove the blade and put it back the right side of the spring.
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Response by poster: They're Torx, actually, which I don't have. I guess I could get some. I was hoping there might be a solution that didn't involve buying more tools.
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Best answer: So the liner lock snapped past its normal position so that it is now far enough past the blade to get wedged in the little gap between the blade and the opposite liner?

If that is the case, you can try wiggling the blade laterally while trying to close the liner lock. Sometimes there's enough play in the pivot to allow this to happen. Or you can try holding knife by the handle with the blade edge down on a cutting board and pressing down firmly as if you were trying to cut something, such that the blade might very slightly over extend and will allow the liner lock to be closed.

Disassembly is the final solution.

Unfortunately, the knife is probably not reliable any longer even as a prop if you need to open and close it.
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Response by poster: The seller wrote me back from my complaint on Amazon and said basically the same thing. With some wiggling I was finally able to get it to close. I'm going to buy a cheap Torx set and see if I can adjust it so this doesn't happen anymore. I only need it to work for a few days.
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