How do I go about releasing a card game into print-on-demand format whil
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Question: how do I go about releasing a card game into print-on-demand format while retaining commercial rights? (I want to make it available for hobbyists and players, but don't want a company to scoop my design and sell it without attribution). I make card games as a hobby, and want to release them into the wild (so the term goes). I just don't want to yield commercial rights, since there's nothing worse than watching someone pull a Thomas Edison on your Tesla-esque ideas. Some people suggested looking at and a few other places (Cards Against Humanity uses a free-license concept I'd love to know more about).
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You could patent it, I think, and/or trademark the name and unique proper nouns used in it. But see previously.
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I would ask this in the BoardGameGeek forums. There are tons of game designers in there (from small to large) and they can offer you specific advice and possible assistance.
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Well, this is the license Cards Against Humanity uses: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. The Creative Commons website has a lot of information about different types of licenses that you might find useful.
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Yeah, Creative Commons is the place to look. Lots of self-published games and rpg books are going that route.
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Also consider a pay-based-on-how-awesome-you-are program for the digital download (keeping it free for the cheapskates, but opening the door to a few bucks to people.

Also, Kickstarter. Digital downloads can be delivered as soon as the funding period ends, with a physical product to be the upgrade that's available.
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