Household greywater wetlands
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If someone were interested in building a greywater wetland on their property, what sort of plants would be required?

Based on the information from this site, indigenous plant species that will last through a local climate are an absolute must. So, does anyone know what types of plants would work in southern Ontario?
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purephase-I did a post a while back about the New Alchemists that has a bunch of links to stuff about living machines. They did there work at Wood's Hole, so the climate was probably fairly similar. You might dig through it (it's fascinating if you're interested in this stuff whether or not you can garner specific recs.)
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A local greenhouse / nursery should be able to point you towards some wetland "indigenous plant species that will last through a local climate". (Even if they don't get the purpose you're wanting them for).
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Stating the obvious, but you could go look around [wet|muck]lands in your area and note anything you like. Going at different times of the year will provide different results. As a bonus, you may be able to collect your own sample plants.
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Due to the ice and snow in Dallas, Tx. Many people with backyard pond/marsh move the plants affected by a freeze indoors, garage or other area sheltering the outdoor elements. A child's wading pool makes a great planter during these months.
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Just make sure that any of those lovely plants in the local wetlands are actually native species and not a noxious weed.
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