Turn-based games for both the iPhone & Kindle Fire
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My mom and I have been playing Words With Friends lately (I have an iPhone 4S and she has a Kindle Fire). We want to find more games to play together that are turn-based, that work on both devices, and that are ideally free (or at least cheap). We like puzzles, word games and classic card/board games, and want something that won't feel too slow, as she only plays once per day. This has been much harder to Google than I expected, so I'm hoping to gather some recommendations.
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Best answer: If you like pictionary, try DrawSomething...
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I love Words With Friends, and also got addicted to Hanging With Friends, which is basically hangman. If you like word and puzzle games you should both enjoy it and its free.
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My standby games are Ticket To Ride and Yushino but I'm not certain TTR will cross talk between Kindle and iPhone. I believe Yushino does.
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Best answer: Ruzzle? It's like boggle, sort of.
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Scramble with Friends is another Boggle clone.
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Best answer: Phrase Friends is a Wheel of Torture clone that I played for quite awhile with my cousin. There were some puzzle repeats early on because we only had access to a few categories to start with, but the more you played the more categories you had access to. We also played a ridiculous amount of Dice with Buddies, the Yahtzee! clone. Chess and checkers are available.

Sadly, most of the classic board games are pass n' play. =(
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Not sure if it's available on Kindle, but you would probably like the aptly named "Say the Same Thing".
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Response by poster: So far, Dice with Buddies has been a success. I like Ruzzle a lot too. My mom isn't into Pictionary, but I'm trying to talk her into Draw Something. And I'm hoping to try Scramble With Friends later this week.

Say the Same Thing looks intriguing but isn't available on the Kindle, and mom doesn't have an interest in learning Ticket to Ride, but thanks for those suggestions as well!
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