Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Suggestions
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Looking for suggestions for pen bodies for Jetstream Ballpoint Pen refills.

Greetings -

I am a pen lover and hands down my favorite ball point pen is the Jetstream Ball Point (0.7mm). I simply love it. I have literally spent the past 10+ years searching for a good ball point pen and I haven't found anything that matches the Jetstream for my needs. I have favorites in gel ink, fountain pens, etc, but for the ball point category, its the Jetstream for me.

So I have all of the basic Jetstream pens in my collection (the Sport, the RT, the Color series, etc) and now I am looking for other pen "bodies" that can hold a 0.7mm Jetstream refill. That is, I want to be able to enjoy the Jetstream refill in other pen bodies.

I purchased the RETRAKT pen from Karas Kustoms from Kickstarter, which wasn't designed for the Jetstream refill, but holds it quite well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of ball point pens that would hold this refill?

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: You might want to look at the Uni Alpha Gel that Uniball makes. It's a Japanese import but takes the standard US-available refill. It's super comfortable, as it's got the Gel grip.

Also, Big I Design makes a few pens that fit the Jetstream refills. I use the TiClick pen that they made through Kickstarter. I don't see it on sale there, but it should be shortly as they just sent it to their backers. They are selling some non-retractable pens there that will fit the Jetstream. I love my TiClick if you don't mind waiting a few weeks.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

I already have two of the Uni Alpha pens (in different colors). They are great. I am looking for other pen bodies that will except the Uni Jetstream refill...

Interesting. Never head of the TiClick pen! How did I miss that?!?!? I bought the Titanium Pen and Stylus from Chadwick and Joe last year. I had no idea they also made a Click pen for the jetstream! Rats for missing it.

Any other suggestions??
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Not exactly what you asked, but you might want to try the Schneider 755 "Slider" refill if you haven't already. It's not quite as good, but it's pretty similar, and will fit in any parker-compatible pen. I've also been able to modify Lamy ballpoint pens to fit Parker refills, and Lamy pens are my favorite, so it's a good combo for me.
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