Tumblr reordering acting haywire :/
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I'm trying to reorder the posts on my tumblr blog and it's acting all kinds of crazy. halp me!

Totally frustrated with this... when i change the date to 'now' on an older post it does, in fact, move to the top of my (main page) tumblr blog.
However, on the tag link (ie sexyrobot.tumblr.com/tagged/subject (not a real link)) which is of VITAL importance, it not only doesn't move to the top, it moves to some totally random location.
I literally have posts from five minutes ago sandwiched between posts from 6 months ago. I have tried moving the posts on top to the back (by changing the date to a year ago) and while they move down on the main blog, on the tag page they go absolutely nowhere, or again, to some random location. What the hell is going on?
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