Are there any subscription-based news aggregators?
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I'd love to see something like a cross between Zite and Flattr -- I'd pony up a monthly subscription fee, which would be distributed to news sources based on my likes. Does such a thing exist?

I'm mostly motivated by the feeling that the monetization models for content all create terrible incentives -- ad-based systems tend to result in clickbait content (and are escalatingly annoying), while subscription systems entail walling off content and seem like they can only work for the larger players in the market.

I'd like to pay for good content, and it seems like the aggregators have all the pieces in place to allow this to work fairly well -- they already have some relationship (more or less) with content providers, and they track feedback. I don't really understand why they can't put together a monetary path going the other way. (Actually, I have some cynical ideas why, but I'll leave those out for now.)
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