Please help me run in the rain without horking my phone!
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I've recently been bitten by the running bug. Yay! I live in Portland and we're entering into our rainy season. I'd like to run listening to music on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and not worry about it getting ruined by water damage. Can anyone recommend an armband or other solution?

I have an Otterbox Commuter case if that's helpful. Thanks!
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Water resistant SPIbelt. It rests right on your hip and doesn't move while you run.
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I just put my phone or iPod into a plastic ziplock sandwich bag. You can still work it through the plastic (I have an S3 as well) and there's just a tiny hole at one side where the cord comes out. I've even been known to double bag then play games in the bath.

That assumes some kind of pocket or other place to put it. But I live somewhere rainy and have never had a problem with this method.
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If it's raining, I also put my phone in a ziploc bag and then stuff it into my somewhat water-resistent but nothing special arm band.
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Yep - I put my iPhone in a sandwich bag in my spibelt.
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I second the water resistant SPIbelt (it's water resistant, not water tight). I have one and will not run without it. It's awesome - it holds my phone and car key firmly in place while I run. It also has these neat little clips for race bibs (sold separately).

The only bummer is that if you have a silicone or rubberized phone case, it's kind of difficult to get a phone in and out. The waterproof SPIbelt has a water resistant coating on the inside of the fabric, so it kind of "snags". I just take my silicone cover off and it solves that issue. (I have the Otterbox Defender case).

Made in USA - can't beat that!
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Response by poster: So I've tried a couple of times running with a Fuel Belt and found the experiences really jostle-y and frustrating. Maybe it's because I don't have the hips for it (I'm a dude) or maybe it's because I wear it too loose (cinching it down tight seems to cause GI issues).

So I guess in addition to all the helpful answers so far, it'd be great to hear non-belt solutions or maybe tips on what I might be doing wrong with the belt.
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Nthing the ziploc bag.

That's what busy set PA's on rainy exterior film shoots use. And that's a situation where you're outside for 12+ hours per day, in the kind of weather I promise you wouldn't like to run in. A ziploc baggie should be more than enough to get you through half an hour in a pacific northwest drizzle.
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