What are some fun activities a couple can do together in an apartment?
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My partner and I work thirds, so we often find ourselves hanging out in my apartment at ungodly hours like 3-6am. We're running out of things to do, or at least I feel we are, because things are getting boring. What are some quiet, not-costly activities I can have around for us to do?

Things we already do:
- Watch random youtube videos
- Watch movies/TV
- Play Facebook games
- Play Monopoly or scrabble
- Sit there and talk or cuddle

I have a PS3 and a computer available. He doesn't like any of my PS3 games, which consist of a small assortment of shooters and fighters. He really likes tower defense games, if that helps.
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Do an online course together, like Coursera - they have topics like Comic Books, Effective Arguing, and Discussing Climate Change, along with all the expected math/stats/programming type. Udacity has a smaller selection, but courses are self-paced (Coursera tends to have set deadlines, but also active forums). EdX I haven't tried, but has some interesting offerings like The Science Of Cooking - you can either do a course with deadlines, or just get access to all the videos/materials and go self-paced.
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My boyfriend and I started taking YouTube swing dancing lessons. Just search for "beginner's swing" or the like and you'll have a plethora of choices.

Cooking together can be rewarding or incredibly stressful, depending on your relative kitchen skills.

Reading plays together isn't always quiet, but it's free and fun. Assign parts and really get into it -- it's best if you can find something with dramatic fight sequences!
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Bake or cook together.

Expand your game selection (cheap games can be found on Craigslist, at Goodwill/Salvation Army-type stores, or on eBay)/get some playing cards and check out a book on card games from the library (or look up rules online).

Make things: this may depend on your level of craftiness and personal taste, but my boyfriend and I spent a few evenings stamping dates onto index cards to make a perpetual calendar (kind of like this), and we had a blast.
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Take turns reading a book to each other, maybe swapping short chapters or every x pages.
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Kick it up a notch from Monopoly with some new games.
Lost Cities is a cardgame designed for 2 players. Carcassone is a tile game that's fun with 2 players. Ticket to Ride is easy to learn and although I like it better with 4 people it plays fine with 2. If you're pressed for time or just want a quick brain workout Set is a pattern recognition cardgame.
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Pick a language to learn from self-study materials. I like Assimil.
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use your ps3 to go to the playstation network, and try out games that have a free demo - there's lots, and if you find a game you really like, it's not too expensive to download the whole thing
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Jigsaw puzzles, and possibly those 3D ones.

Crafty things: it takes time to build skill, but if you have access to a kiln, you could make a set of storage pots like my parents did back in the day.

Potentially-useful stuff: pickling (but: can take a good bit of time, fills the apartment with vinegar vapor), buying food in large packages and separating them, making a huge pot of pasta sauce, etc.
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We're running out of things to do, or at least I feel we are, because things are getting boring.

There's nothing wrong with just being quiet together while doing your own thing (e.g. reading a book to yourself while your partner watches videos with earphones on). Dr. TM and I have been spending a lot of our evenings together that way for more than 25 years.
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Purchase a book containing an enormous list of sex positions, test them out and then critique their practicality on a blog.
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The lego video games are really fun for partners, cause they're co-op. They do involve tricky jumping sometimes, though. Pick one where you like the story; Pirates of the Caribbean was not nearly as fun as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

We play a lot of bananagrams, Carassone (seconded), Dominion, and Ticket to Ride (the ipad version is way faster). I want to buy Pandemic, since it's co-operative. I have played the Settlers of Catan card game for two people but mostly it made me angry at the other person.

Could you do some workout dvds together, like yoga?
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Oh, bananagrams is great and can be extended by playing rude bananagrams, onomatopoeic banagrams (words don't have to exist but must sound fun), poetry bananagrams (no time limits or racing, most poetic construction wins), and all kinds of similar variations.
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Do you brew wine or beer? My SO brews his own beer and we both like wine, so when there is a glut of fruit or we get some cheap at the supermarket, we spend an evening plum-pitting, grape-squishing, apple-coring, whatever, and do the process together. It's messy and fun, and the product is superb!
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Refinish a vintage dresser. Create photobooks to give to friends and relatives as presents. Crochet an afghan to donate to a charity auction. Learn to make pysanky (Ukrainian eggs).
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Do you have to stay in the apartment? I love going out for long walks, or sometimes runs, at 4 or 5 am, when it's still dark and cold outside and there aren't really other people around. If you live in a safe enough place to do that, go outside!
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Make pillow and blanket forts! I made a post about them a while back with lots of ideas and lots of great links in the comments, too.
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Strip poker?
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I know you asked for no-costly, but what about investing in a decent telescope and doing some serious stargazing? You can even sign up for email alerts for your area when the space station will be visible and it is always between 3-6am! Prime sky-time, that.
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Twister is fun, with or without clothing, and we used to play jacks with another couple until the wee hours - and Yahtzee.

You might visit Pinterest and see if there's a craft that interests both of you. There are good suggestions above - scrapbooking would be fun to do together also, or making Christmas cards. Or you might consider taking up Chinese or Indian cooking, or some other variety. Or - here's a fun one - if you have any bus service that runs all night, take a bus for a full-route tour in the middle of the night - it'll be like traveling in a foreign country.

The together is the important part - have fun.
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I'll second the suggestion to go for walks or runs if the area is safe. Or cycling - if you have bikes, decent lights don't cost that much; here's some useful advice. There's something magical about being out and about when the streets are deserted and quiet.
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I second my own and brianogilvie's comment: out and about (on bikes with headlamps, 'scope in your backpack) might be pretty amazing if you are otherwise going to always be inside...do you live in a highrise in a city? What kind of apartment, where is it? That will help with more focused answers, I think.
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Go on a bike ride on the deserted streets, ride past bakeries baking bread and find all night diners to stop in for a snack.
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Get a giant sheet of paper, and then trace the outline of your partner's body on it. Then colour it in.

Have a competition about who can knit the longest scarf.

Turn off all the lights and play hide and seek.

Surprise your partner by planking when they get home. First person to laugh has to cook dinner using only ingredients that start with a vowel.

Have a backwards evening where you wear your clothes backwards, talk backwards and watch tv upside down. If you use VLC you can also watch the show backwards.
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We play 20 questions laying in bed together.
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