We have the punchline - what's the joke?
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My friend and I are stumped: we have the punchline for a joke he liked in highschool. However, we can't for the life of us come up with joke. Google hasn't helped, neither text nor image searches. So we turn to you fond MeFites, for your good knowledge: what joke ends with the punchline, "I must be a past participle."

Notes that might help:
It was first seen as a punchline to a political cartoon.
Buckminster Fuller may or may not have played a role.
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I don't know the answer but when you put all those things together the first thing I think of is Zippy the Pinhead. Unfortunately all my Zippy stuff is in storage so I can't look anything up but the first thing I'd check is Are We Having Fun Yet?
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Best answer: Buckminster Fuller wrote the book I Seem to be a Verb. On his death, National Lampoon published his photo with the caption "I seem to be a past participle"
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