Looking for a resource on grammar
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I am learning French and am struggling with how to relate French grammar to its English equivalent. The problem: I have no general understanding of grammar. Six months ago I didn't even know what an adverb was!

Note: I am not looking for a book on French grammar, but on grammar in general, especially focusing on tenses. Being a typical product of the English school system, I don't remember ever being taught anything about grammar!
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You might find English Grammar for Students of French useful. It explains grammatical concepts first using English as the object language.

(Have not used myself -- but is used widely; and the customer reviews suggest it helps with the kind of questions you have.)
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I came here to suggest the same book as bertran. I've used both the Latin and Italian equivalents of it, and it is an amazing series.
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Nthing that the English Grammar for Students of [Target Language] is a great series and should provide exactly what you're looking for.
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Thanks for the answers, I'll give that book a try.
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grammarly is a fun grammar blog. they even have some comics that i see getting passed around facebook on occasion.
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