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Is there a simple text-only blibliography-in hyperlinked-bibliography-out website?

I have recently been reading a variety of academic works on a specific subject area and have come to the conclusion I need to chase down some of the primary cited source material as well as the prior academic material cited by the current authors.

Assuming I have or can get access to the conventionally formatted text-only bibliography in a digital format, is there a magic single-serving site where I can just cut-and-paste the biblio into an input box, hit submit, and get the biblio back in hyperlinked HTML with appropriate links for author, journal (if a journal-published paper), ISBN, Interlibrary Loan info, and Amazon ASIN?

A fair number of these pieces exist and can be located and developed on a one-by one basis with non-embedded output (author search in Google or elsewhere, book search in and Amazon, and so forth). My question is has anyone wrapped all of this up together, taking advantage of the structured quality of conventional academic bibliographies?
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Have you ever used Easy Bib? It doesn't quite work the same way for every discipline's holdings, but some journals are very well represented and there is a way to embed a link to the publisher's holdings; you would have to do it manually, but you can also add links to Amazon. I don't know what kind of ILL information you were searching for, but you could put a direct link to the WorldCat page for each item as well. Some WorldCat records may also have most of the information you need directly as well.
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