Learning (or re-learning French)
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I took French in school and it was fun. However I did not keep up with it and here I am. I want to re-learn French again. My goal is to familiarize myself once again with all that I learnt and then start reading novels in French (which, once upon a time, I could do)

Couple of questions--

-Is there such a book for French? I found this very helpful for Spanish and a great way to learn

-A long time back there was a French reader whose name I cannot remember. There were around 21 lessons in it, it was about a family (parents/boy/girl) moving to France. Each chapter introduced new nouns, verbs and excercises but were based around stories of this family. for e.g. La Boulangerie-dad goes to the bakery, buys bread etc. It was a fun way to learn french and was a reader we used in school. Trying to rack my brains on what the name was but would love to throw it out there in case anyone remembers. (Btw, this was in 1985. It might have been used after that but not sure. All I remember are the chapters and the fact that the cover was blue :()

-Is there a good Android app to learn French?

Thank you

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Seconding Duolingo. Just started it a few weeks ago and am hooked.

Also, check out the recent Metatalk thread about it to find some Mefites to learn with (sorry, can't link from phone).

There is an app too!
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I just subbed for a class that was using Conjuguemos to work on verbs. Seemed like a solid site with a good interface. I see they also have nouns, and that grammar is coming "soon."
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I believe you are thinking of French in Action. They have the videos on line so you can catch up with Mireille.
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Go to your local library or used book store, browse their French language instruction books, and take a couple to pick at and refresh your memory. Buy a monolingual French dictionary and some novels or short stories and just start reading. Maupassant is fun!

A lot of grammars these days are written somewhat like the book you describe, but with dialogues instead of description; a scene or two from real life per chapter and grammar presented in support. This one, for instance.
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The News In Slow French podcast is amazing for this
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There is a Madrigal's Magic Key to French.
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Breaking the Barrier
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If once upon a time you had a pretty good command of French, you may just need to reactivate that part of your brain. You could try watching movies in French to get the juices flowing again. Another thing that I have found that has helped is to just start reading a book with the idea that you're not going to understand everything. You could start with something easy like Le Petit Nicolas or Le Petit Prince (basically anything with "petit" in the title) and see if that jogs your memory. Over time, you will start to pick it up again. You may be surprised by how much you've retained.
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Response by poster: Love DuoLingo! Thank you
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