Quiet place to meet for 5-10 people in SF/ Oakland/ Berkeley for cheap
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I am looking for suggestions for spots in San Francisco or East Bay, public transportation accessible, for folks to meet up for a small, professional meet-up group.

We will occasionally have talks, so people will need to be heard, so relatively quiet- hoping for suggestions like:
-quiet bars
-bars with back rooms for rent (hopefully cheap)
-quiet restaurants that might have a similar space
-co-working spaces (that are cheap), that will let us have snacks/ drinks
-any other interior public space available in the evenings, weekdays

thanks, Hivemind!
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You could try University Press Books, across from UC Berkeley (RSF) on Bancroft Way. http://universitypressbooks.com/ they already host some groups, but it may lean toward groups that have a writing or literary interest. YMMV.
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The Ed Roberts Campus has a few small- to medium-sized rooms for under $100 per hour (I don't know if you were thinking cheap like that or cheap like $15), is attached to the Ashby BART station, is very quiet and pretty, and will let you bring whatever you want food-wise.
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In SF: Fort Mason Center, Workshop SF, maybe Café LuLu.
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Best answer: The Capital One 360 Cafe in the Financial District. They have a couple of free-to-book conference rooms in the basement. I think politeness would dictate that everyone (or most everyone) from your group purchase a tea/coffee/snack when you use the room, but their prices are fairly cheap (and you get half off if you have a Capital One credit card or debit card).


It's 1 block from Montgomery BART
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I had in mind that cheap would mean $50 or under. Adding to the list, found out that the Homestead bar in Mission rents their back room for around that much.
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